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Michael Gillette

Drawn in Stereo

28,4 x 24,6 cm | 192 páginas | Cartoné | Inglés

Nothing beats the thrill of a motorbike to escape life's everyday hassles. The thrill that comes from riding on combined form and power on a quest for freedom and adventure. Motorbikes never cease to fascinate us and stir our emotions. As ageless objects of desire and part of our culture and way of life, motorbikes are all about making an authentic statement. Just hop on, start it, ride it, and live your passion. This fascination is what this book is all about. Read it and enjoy a mind blowing journey through the ins and outs of the world of motor bikes. A journey where you'll come to know all the bikes and heroes that were and continue to be hallmarks terrific at transporting our sense of longing and rebellion on two wheels. Stick with it, as it'll take you on amazing trips, to the world's most extraordinary motorcycle shops, and to legendary events.



Descripción del producto

Inspired by experience in the music industry and origins as an aspiring pop star, British artist Michael Gillette delivers his greatest hits, demos, and rare cuts of the past three decades in DRAWN IN STEREO. Showcasing pieces produced for Beastie Boys, Paul McCartney, MGMT, and Beck—among many others—DRAWN IN STEREO focuses on Gillette’s ability to channel music into compelling visual art.

Gillette shares a curated collection of artistic approaches, including installations, fashion sketches, music video animation stills, and magazine contributions for Spin and The New Yorker.

Filled with selections from more than 20 years of work created in Britain and America, DRAWN IN STEREO encompasses a wide spectrum of visual directions and celebrates many key projects. Featuring a foreword by Fred Deakin and interview by Elastica’s Justine Frischmann, DRAWN IN STEREO reveals an inspired life, ranging from Britpop London and rooming with the Aphex Twin to a decade of creativity in San Francisco.

“Life needs a backbeat, and that rhythm needs some visuals. So, I’ll keep sharpening the pencils, listening for the muse to sing me a new song.” —Michael Gillette

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